February 2, 2016

About Me

professional-headshotHey! I’m Marcia (pronounced like Garcia – if I had a dime for every time I’ve heard “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” throughout my life, I’d be retired on a freaking beach somewhere and this website wouldn’t need to exist..)

I work with/train/coach/serve people who secretly yearn:

  • To get off the couch and start moving but don’t exactly know how
  • To get off the couch and someday run a marathon..
  • To try a new, exciting way of working out (lifting weights, doing a pull-up, swinging a kettle bell)
  • To live a more balanced, healthy, energized life!

I give them the tools to:

  • Get more gratification and enjoyment out of life!
  • Have a little more discipline, while sprinkling in a little fun!
  • Accomplish whatever their goals may be – whether it’s eating better or moving better or just moving at all!
  • Find their inner Bad-Ass!

I’ve got/I am:

  • 27+ years of running all distances including 45 marathons, 6 of them in Boston
  • 10 years of running Hood to Coast – the most awesome relay on the planet!
  • An Ironman! I completed the Ironman triathlon in California in 2001.
  • A Tough Mudder!
  • 4 years Crossfit experience including several Crossfit competitions
  • Masters Powerlifter (Bench 135, Squat 265, Deadlift 305)
  • A Master’s Degree in Applied Exercise Science with an emphasis in Sports Nutrition from Concordia University
  • A Certified Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise
  • A Certified Sports Nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutritionists

And when I’m not running or training for a race or throwing barbells over my head, I can be found:

  • Bragging about/posting endless photos of my 3 gorgeous Maine Coons: Bauer, Landry and Bailey
  • Watching football and/or agonizing over my daily Fantasy Football picks
  • Traveling to any lavish hotel with a beach, luxury bedding and attached spa
  • Volunteering with a local organization, bringing health and wellness to senior citizens

Work with me, play with me or just talk to me!

Homer up!


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