Meal Prep 101 – How to Prepare for Crazy Weeks!

MEAL PREP 101 – HOW TO PREPARE FOR CRAZY WEEKS!!! Meal prep includes the planning, shopping, preparation, cooking, and storage of your weekly meals.  Obviously, it will be different for everyone depending on your goals and your lifestyle. The most common objection I hear to meal prep is “I don’t have time to meal prep!  Read more about Meal Prep 101 – How to Prepare for Crazy Weeks![…]

Enhancing Performance – Part 2 – Creatine

By: Marcia Homer, MS, CSN As endurance athletes, we are a unique bunch aren’t we? With, perhaps, a particular set of skills? (Shout out to Liam Neeson fans here..) Considering that the majority of Americans have trouble finding the time or energy to work out at all, let alone train for a grueling endurance bike Read more about Enhancing Performance – Part 2 – Creatine[…]