December 8, 2016

Health and Fitness Coaching

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 REIGNITE YOUR HEALTH – minimum 3 month commitment

“Individual Plan”

(3 mon min.)

In-depth coaching plan customized for your needs and goals
One Coaching conversation per week (60 min – Skype/Zoom, in-person), Focus on removing obstacles/weekly goals & accountability
Exercise/workout recommendations & meal plans specific to your needs and goals (as well as your likes & dislikes)  
Focused deep work on mindset (self-love, self-acceptance),  getting results as fast as possible
One face-to-face gym workout per week (either in-person or Skype)/group workouts also available in some areas
Daily, full-time IM access & attention for questions/troubleshooting/motivation
Group coaching/group mastermind/private Facebook group for REIGNITE community/progress celebrations, etc.
Focus on removing obstacles (helping you prioritize your health) and setting you up in your environment for success!
Any other specific need, want or goal that will help you become your most POWERFUL self!

Personal Training in Gym 1:1

Have no idea what you need? Have specific goals and need a clearer path to get there? Want to start running? Want to run faster? Want to try Crossfit but intimidated by the movements? Want to build some strength and CRUSH a powerlifting competition? I got you. I offer comprehensive personal training – in the gym or online (it’s easy – I can show you how!) Let’s build and customize a program together, specific to your needs and busy life. Like all my other packages, this includes a free 60-minute consultation! Schedule today.