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9504bea7-27ec-4638-9703-bf655ce20c13Ok, Did I seriously just start a blog?

Wow. Ok, here’s the thing about that: I’m a technology moron. And not a very interesting one. No, seriously. It was only just like a few weeks ago when I was sitting at lunch with my friend, Erin, (my brilliant, personal 30-something consultant on all things hip and fashionable) and asking “Is a blog the same thing as a website?” Erin put down her fork and said in a very patient voice (the kind you would use with a toddler) “Yes, they’re the same thing. The blog is part of your website”.

The thing is: I’ve always thought people who blog were pretentious, arrogant and egotistical. Probably because I once dated this pretentious, arrogant, egotistical guy who told me he had a blog. I was thinking “Wow, he must be important. He must do and say things that change the world”. I logged onto his blog that night, eagerly anticipating the vast amounts of life-altering information he just HAD to share with the world. I was met with 5 paragraphs detailing his scintillating journey to the local JCPenney to return a pair of pants. Yep. Beige pants. I’m not making that up. And I thought “Who the hell is this guy?” Was I in a Seinfeld episode? Did he buy that story from Kramer? I mean, if Mick Jagger wrote a blog – I would certainly read that. If Kiefer Sutherland (one of the hottest men walking and for whom my heart and soul burns) wrote a blog – I would definitely read that (and use it in my illegal quest to stalk him one day – more on that later). Although that would be super weird – where would Jack Bauer find the time to blog? Anyway, back to my point. I’m just an ordinary person. A middle aged (I can’t believe I just typed that), pre-menopausal (I REALLY can’t believe I just typed THAT), cynical, sarcastic, barren woman with a feisty spirit and a smart mouth. Who knows nothing about technology. I cried from shame and embarrassment when I had to call Apple support to help me transport my iTunes library. And then had to call them back. Twice. Who am I to think I can figure out how to operate something slightly more complicated than email? Who am I to think that I have a voice in the health and wellness space? Who am I to think that people will want to read what I write? Who the hell is beige-pants guy? Who the hell am I?

I expressed these very strong feelings to Erin, arms waving in the air, articulating each point with a grand flourish of my all-too expressive hands. And I waited for her brilliant, comforting response. A response, I was sure, would be honed by years of patiently guiding her elders Sherpa-like through the murky waters of social networking.

“Here’s the thing”, she said, flashing her stunning, perfect smile. “You’re going to have to get the fuck over that”.

Like I said, brilliant.

Welcome to my blog.

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