February 5, 2016

Why Homer Up?

father-as-motivationMy family had a motto growing up, “When it’s too tough for the rest of them, it’s just right for the Homers”. Yep, you guessed it: ours was a tough-love kind of household. There were 6 of us – I’m the baby. My brothers and sisters and I resented this saying. And if eye-rolling were an Olympic sport, we would have medaled repeatedly due to the repetitive nature of this, my mother’s favorite saying.

However, as is the fluid, forgiving nature of time, over the years this has morphed into “Homer Up”. It simply means that there are difficult things in life to face and we all have the inner spirit and resiliency to accomplish whatever our hearts desire. You must have the courage, the inner determination and the toughness that it takes. When things seem dark or hard or even impossible to face: Homer Up. My awesome, gracious, kind, wise father would have loved the irony of turning our family saying – one that we all merely tolerated – into a business. He was a huge fan of irony. He was my biggest fan and I lost him to a rare blood disorder in September of 2010. I miss him every day. My company logo exemplifies the spirit of this saying – the runner is moving forward, the arrows are a nod to my Dad, my North.

Living a fit, happy, balanced, healthy life is not easy. I don’t think for one second that it is. I have walked that fine “balance” line my whole life – sometimes walking it with the skilled ease of a circus performer – other times hurling myself completely over into one side or the other. The key is always this: you gotta get back on that line.

You can do this. You have an inner (fill in this blank). Let’s find it. Homer Up!